Mainly supply a variety of snacks, dried fruits, dried meat, dried fish, etc., from the past to the present. High-quality ingredients have always adhered to the principle of authenticity at a reasonable price to bring ingredients to every customer. At the same time, we continue to develop the latest methods of processing ingredients to enrich the limits of our guests’ taste buds and new attempts. The company currently offers customers to purchase products, pay and pick up goods in the form of wholesale and physical stores. The current store sales are also based on the traditional method of buying and selling, which has persisted for many years. Only the guys who are now following are also old, and the second generation is also born. After listening to the opinions of young people, they also feel that they should keep abreast of the times. In recent years, advances in technology have changed consumer behaviors. The traditional retail industry’s human-oriented physical store management has evolved to join online channels to assist sales. So far, it is moving towards creating a virtual and real integrated innovative channel that integrates all channels in the customer’s life circle. From shopping information inquiry, trial, order, pick up, to return and exchange, all links of information must be synchronized and exchanged. With the convenience and demand of consumers as the core, it breaks the distinction between online and offline, so that consumers can be in any channel. Both can obtain complete information and services, and provide a consistent consumer experience. E-commerce has better performance than physical stores in terms of providing consumers’ various experiences, such as clear shelf arrangement and fast payment. However, most consumer behaviors still occur in physical stores. If physical store companies can consume them online The advantages continue to be offline, which will greatly improve customer satisfaction and further bring opportunities for performance growth. Therefore, we hope to establish an online store with only one login, so that sales, products and inventory information can be inquired in one stop. The integrated system can make data synchronization faster and more accurate. After the current epidemic and the blow to the industry, through the assistance of the government-funded remote business program, we have taken a big step forward in the development of business operations to meet the new era and new challenges.

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